Bergamo original food

is simple and varied and has strengths in cheese of Alpe: the Branzi, the Formai de mut, and Bitto, typical of the Valtellina,but it product also in the municipalities border (but also the Taleggio, the Gorgonzola, the Formaggelle from Val di Scalve, the Stracchini and the Caprini). One of the most characteristic features, is in a thousand ways to prepare the polenta said exactly from Bergamo. The polenta taragna and the crispy , the one with salami and sausages, with braised or stewed (preferably donkey), with stewed rabbit, with Osei or with Osei escaped, with milk, with the codfish, with frogs and everything 'that the imaginative genius the combinations, which in the past in these valleys had become accustomed to the looming shortage, has made a recipe of "family", that precisely in the farmhouse kitchen you have the pleasure to discover or rediscover. Soups and risottos are, most of the meat, the alternative to polenta: the famous casonsei the ravioletti lean, mariconda (shared with Bresciano), barley soup, risotto with vegetables, gnocchi with spinach or nettle, strangolapreti. The main course of the Po Valley and Alpine tradition alongside, in Bergamo, the terrine of venison and goat, snails in sauce and fried frogs, mortadella and liver pudding, the sausages, the pork sausages and fresh salami.

Characteristic of the restaurant are the tables calibrated for shape and size based on the number of diners , the season or event celebrated by our Customers.

A location for weddings and events

Il Mirabile has a large park in which they can arrange receptions and other special events as well as in large halls can be safely accommodated up to 100 people seated. The farm, garden and lounges are available for special events. The wide open spaces are ideal for exhibitions, meetings and receptions. Reservations are accepted for groups, too numerous,
with the possibility of agreeing changes to the menu.

“There is also the possibility to book specialties such as pork or fish dishes”